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Standard features

  • The Everest patio door combines the sturdiness of a wood frame with the aesthetics and solidity of vinyl.
  • The Everest patio door is available with a 5 5/8” or 7 1/4” jamb depth and a 79 1/2” or 81 3/16” height.
  • The stiles are reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • The Everest patio door sill has a 10o slope to ensure good water drainage Suitable for any 7/8” I.G.
  • The Everest patio door is offered with a Low-E and Argon glass for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Opening an Everest patio door requires minimum effort; The self-lubricating tandem nylon rollers allow the operating sash to slide quietly and smoothly.
  • The screen is built with a solidfibreglass mesh.
  • It uses heavy-duty extruded aluminum.
  • The screen has adjustable rollers to provide smoothness of operation, without coming off the track.
  • The Everest patio door has an exclusive locking handle with a double latch.
  • The screen can be locked from inside.
  • Exterior key lock.
  • Foot lock.
  • Security bar.
  • Garden door with embossed panels.
  • Various trims and brickmolds for installation.
  • Nailing fin.
  • Sill extension and various
  • Colours: Blue White #141 / Tan-Beige #304 / Sandstone #3310.
  • Painted colors available using the Royal BondTM SpectracoatTM Technology.
CAN AAMA/NWDA 101/I.S 2.97
Air tightness (Room T o)/(-30 oC) A3 DP-40 (Optional DP-50)
Water Resistance B3 DP-40 (Optional DP-50)
Wind Load Strength C3 DP-40 (Optional DP-50)
Ease of Operation E3 DP-40 (Optional DP-50)
Forced Entry F1 DP-40 (Optional DP-50)
Energy Star A, B, C & D Zones All Zones
Limited warranty: 20 years on PVC / 20 years on seal failure of glass / 1 year on operation.